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If you need industry experts to aid your mobile app development with React Native, look no further. Salt Lake City, Utah, is now home not only to the largest per capita consumers of Jell-O, but also to NeoITO, one of the world’s leading React Native development companies in the USA.

Our best asset is undoubtedly our core team of experts who believe in continuous learning when it comes to our profession, which helps us exceed expectations when it comes to delivering the best services to our clients.

We don’t dive right in; we test the waters first and make informed choices, a system that enables us to come up with innovative solutions for your business. This is because we understand how important it is to understand your organisational goals as well as your business needs before finding ways to make the two align.

We also pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, because at the end of the day, our clients are the backbone of our company, so you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands with us.

First Things First!

The world is going mobile.

Technology advanced enough that you could find desktop applications and mobile applications for pretty much everything under the sun, from gaming to grocery shopping. And then technology advanced some more, and broke the geographical constraints of applications; mobile applications are now the new normal. While using React for mobile app development was definitely a tremendous breakthrough in the world of mobile applications, React Native is even better in terms of functionalities. This is because React acts as a framework in which you can build applications using JavaScript, and React Native is a whole platform that allows you to curate cross-platform mobile apps that are native in nature which can run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. In effect, React Native is an amalgamation of the best bits of the React Javascript library.

And NeoITO is an amalgamation of React Native and industry experts with decades of experience under their belt, who can guide you the right way with the right solutions. Whether you want to implement React Native app development from scratch or integrate it into your existing iOS and Android engagements, we have you covered! Contact us with your details and get a quote today.

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And don't worry about the size or age of your business; we customize our solutions, be it for a startup, SME, or large scale enterprise.

Our Web Development Technologies

When it comes to our web development technologies, we are not shy to say that we are indeed one of the best React native development companies in the USA. Hear us out!

We treat your business the same way we would a child.

We see it as a living, breathing entity that grows and needs to be future-ready at all times. So, we take a continuous enhancement seriously. We feed your business with the latest in technological advancements to nourish it, we clothe it with the tailor-made solutions to make it presentable to the world, and we shelter it from any and all security threats with the same fierce protectiveness that a lioness exhibits towards her cubs.

So, now you see why we are confident that we can equip you with the most reliable React Native app development services in the USA.

Why React Native

Wondering why you need to invest in React Native for mobile development? Read on.

  1. You Get the Best of Both Worlds:

    If you think Native was good, we can tell you that Reactive Navtive is the new and improved version. React Native combines the best of native technology with better functionality to make sure that you build your mobile application to stand out from the crowd of competition.

  2. Start from Scratch or Integrate:

    You might want to build an amazing mobile application from scratch. Or, maybe you want to improve your current services by integrating it with React Native. Either way, you are looking at the right technology to scale your offerings to a whole different level.

  3. No Compromise on Uniqueness:

    Unique user experiences define the success of your mobile applications, as this is an industry that is consumer satisfaction driven. With React Native, you can create stunning mobile applications that get the attention of your users and retain it.

  4. Share Code Across Platforms:

    As React Native is written in Javascript and rendered using native code, this means that your native platform APIs will be the same as used by other apps. You can share code across platforms for an easier transition and even nurture two platforms with React as the common technology.

  5. Smooth Cross-Platform Application:

    You can have seamless cross-platform applications with React Native. React components wrap existing native code and interact with native APIs via React’s declarative UI paradigm and JavaScript. That is to say, it makes it easy for developers to create native apps effectively and also helps live native teams optimise their work flow.

  6. Real Time Updates:

    With React Native, you will no longer have to wait for native builds to be done. Thanks to JavaScript, all iterations you make will be updated in real time, which can speed up your development process considerably. Don’t wait anymore, just do.

Why NeoITO

NeoITO- React Native Agency for Everyone!

NeoITO Is Ranked Among the Top React Native Development Companies in the USA!

As a US-based mobile application development consultant for start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprises, NeoITO combines decades of industry expertise with the latest technologies available in the market to help our clients implement easy and effective solutions to complex business problems. Our dedicated team works around the clock to make sure that we don’t compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction, which is exactly why our clients are our best spokespeople.

Do you need assistance building native mobile applications using React Native for Android or iOS that are guaranteed to make your users happy? Or do you just need consultation expertise regarding the efficiency and implementation of React Native as part of your existing projects?

Whether you are a startup, or a fully fledged enterprise, you need unique solutions that address your unique business needs. And at NeoITO, we make sure you get exactly what you need- nothing less, but definitely something more!

Still not convinced? Read on!

Why Should You Join Forces with Us?

  1. Improved Business Efficiency:

    We act in a consulting capacity in addition to providing you with the best software to develop your mobile applications. Our team of specialists will make sure that your business strategies are aligned with your organisational goals. We don’t only organise, we also optimise.

  2. Transparent Pricing:

    We like to keep everything transparent, which is why our clients have placed their trust in us. We believe open communication and transparency are key to maintaining great relationships with our clients.

  3. Diverse Portfolio:

    We have worked with the best in the industry, so our bar is set quite high. Collaborating with a diverse clientele from across the globe has also helped us get an in-depth understanding on how the marketplace works.

  4. On Time Delivery:

    We are sticklers for punctuality. Our work culture is structured in such a way that there is no leeway for tardiness of any kind, which helps us deliver projects well within the predetermined deadlines.

  5. 100% Customer Satisfaction:

    We built our vision around customer satisfaction. We don't focus only on project delivery, we also go above and beyond to ensure that our customers get the full value for their investments.

  6. Around the Clock Support:

    Our clients are global, which means we are on call 24*7. Our support team of experts are involved in a relentless effort to make sure that our clients want for nothing when it comes to the best products and services we offer.

  7. Customer-Focused Approach:

    We believe in a customer-centric approach to all our projects. At the end of the day, the needs of the clients are what we base our decisions on. We take pride in the fact that our customers always come first, not just in our policies, but also in their respective industries.

  8. Long Term Partnership:

    When you work with us, our relationship won’t be over when the project is completed. One of the key benefits of partnering with NeoITO is that we nurture long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.



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Our Portfolio

As one of the best Mobile App Development Agency in Utah, our solutions have helped some of the best in the industry to achieve their goals.

Industries We Serve

We’ve had the privilege to work extensively across a wide range of industrial sectors, solving critical problems to create engaging mobile apps. Some notable industries include:



On-Demand Services

Food & Restaurant

Startups & Enterprises

Banking & Finance

Media & Entertainment

Transport & Automotive

Education & eLearning

Travel & Hospitality


  1. What is the cost of developing a mobile application with NeoITO using React Native?

    As each mobile application is one-of-a-kind, we help you customise your solutions based on our assessment of the project, which is why there is no specific answer to this question.
    In fact, every project we handle is unique in its own way. The business needs, the organizational goals, the technical solutions are all different, and they require different resources that are up for the task. Our pricing is transparent and designed to meet the needs of any scale of organisation. Drop us your contact details and your business needs, and we’ll get back to you with a quote that will definitely be worth your while.

  2. What technologies do you work with for mobile application development?

    Our team comprises specialists in JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js, React, React Native, Node.js, Firebase, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and mongo DB. We pick and choose based on the requirements of each project.

  3. How does the mobile application development process work for NeoITO?

    Here’s a run-down of the phases involved in our mobile application development process:

    • Consultation and Requirement Procurement:

      Our first phase is always understanding the business, its unique needs and the challenges faced. This helps us give great consultation solutions to our clients.

    • Establishment of a Project Plan:

      We outline a project plan that is feasible to all stakeholders involved. This way, we make sure that we stay on track with deadlines and milestones once the project is fully launched.

    • Design of Mock-ups:

      We initiate prototype development so that our team as well as our clients get an idea of the features and capabilities of the final product.

    • Application Creation:

      Once we are all set to go, we start the actual development process. This is where it gets interesting as we come up with innovative ways to give you an edge over your competition.

    • Testing and Launch:

      Our QA testing team is thorough when it comes to making sure that the projects we deliver are top-notch, with little to no room for error.

    • Continuous Support and Maintenance:

      For us, no project is ever done, even after the sign off. This is because technology is developing every single day and we like to keep up. We help our clients with upgrades and maintenance as and when required.

  4. How do I associate with NeoITO?

    It’s simple. Contact us with your details and we’ll reach out to you with the best services in the industry.

  5. What are the resources you employ to build a mobile application with React native?

    React Native is based on JavaScript, and our team of developers include experts in the field. We will also add more stakeholders to the project as required to meet the project needs.

  6. How long does it take to develop a mobile application using React Native?

    The time to build a mobile application will depend on a number of factors, one of which is the complexity of the application in question. As the requirement of each application is different, the time required to develop it also varies. Provided we get the right support from you during the initial stages of understanding your business needs and requirements, we can help you build a mobile application in as little time as 3 weeks.

  7. Can I have a look at my mobile application while the project is in progress?

    Of course you can! We believe in transparency and trust when it comes to all of our projects. Our team will make sure that you are connected to us at all times and as involved in the project as you wish.

For further clarifications, get in touch with us directly!

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