One idea is what it all takes, but we have more than 10 emerging app ideas for your startup.

Yeah, it all starts with an emerging idea for a tech startup is what makes your startup a big success.

Mobile app development is not an easy or cheaper task. But you can achieve it with adequate funding and timing, but what happens when you find out your idea doesn't have a market.

It is more painful even to hear; that's why to make a wise choice, we have curated the top list of app ideas for 2023, which are in an emerging state along with their market size.

Read along to find out the best app ideas which you can transit into a profitable business.

Let's dive in!

      Key takeaways

      • The total number of app downloads per year - 148 billion (2022).
      • People love to do a task on mobile apps rather than doing it physically.
      • A unique app idea with a better customer experience is a profitable combo.
      • You are on the right path if your app idea connects the emergence and trend.

With a lot of research and understanding across different websites, we have made a list of 13 top app ideas from different resources.


We hope you find your next app idea in this blog. You don’t have to create a new app; you can make an improved version of an existing app.

When we say about the cost of development, many factors affect the development cost, but one crucial thing to consider is the number and the complexity of the features in the app. Make it simple at first and move stronger.

Having an excellent idea that you believe can be a successful product, you can collaborate with NeoITO, which has been performing well in creating mobile app ideas with emerging and trending technologies.

Have a fantastic app development journey! Cheers!

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