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Our Angular experts understand what goes under the hood of Angular; so building performing Angular apps is just another day at the office.

NeoITO have been doing Angular development since it’s launch in September 2016; and AngularJS since 2014.

We’ve completed more than 10 large scale applications in Angular over the past 2 years. Ask us for customer references!

We recently completed an Angular SEO project for a Real Estate platform with 1M+ pages served to search bots on Day 1.

So look no further, if you want to hire Angular developers, get in touch with us now.

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San Francisco, CA
Waitwhile is a queue management and booking system used by companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, IKEA and Tribeca Film Festival. It’s a complete solution for customer management with feature such as a CRM, analytics, localisation and internationalisation, and more.
Stack: NativeScript, Redux, Node.js, Cloud functions, Firebase, Angular 5
What our client says:
Christoffer Klemming, Product Manager at Google and Founder of Waitwhile
Christoffer Klemming, Product Manager at Google
  • NeoITO have consistently been delivering high-quality and performance code for Waitwhile. They're well versed in the latest framework (incl. Angular 6+, Redux, NgRx etc.) and are skilled communicators. We enjoy working with them very much!
Christoffer Klemming, Product Manager at Google and Founder of Waitwhile
Ride Yellow
Salt Lake City, UT
National Taxi Services owns one of largest taxi fleets in the US, connecting people to rides with a tap of a button. Cab services such as Ride Yellow, Yellow Taxi and Yellow Cab Utah uses the NTS system for bookings and ride sharing.
Stack: AWS AppSync, Lambda Functions, API Gateway, GraphQL, DynamoDB, S3, Serverless Framework, Node.js
What our client says:
Brady Johnson, CTO of National Taxi Services
Brady Johnson, CTO of National Taxi Services
  • Over the years, when I've been working with NeoITO, there is one thing that really set them apart, I never felt they were an offshore team. They are our team! They understand our vision, raise red flags well in advance and together, we’ve built a number of great products. I continue working with NeoITO till this day. If you're looking for lightning fast web and mobile apps that your customers will love to use, talk to the guys at Neo. They'll take care of all your technology challenges and give you an amazing outcome!
Brady Johnson, CTO of National Taxi Services
Trivandrum, India
PropertyOK is one of South Asia's biggest players in the real estate market. It's a complete solution coming with a CRM, property management, a website frontend and an agent mobile app.
Stack: Angular Universal, MongoDB, Node.js, Angular CLI, Kafka, RabbitMQ, NativeScript, Socket.IO, Firebase push, Redux
What our client says:
Adil Haneef, Director of PropertyOK
Adil M H, Director of PropertyOK
  • I knew it was time to scale up our family business, and out of the 15 companies that we shortlisted based on expertise, NeoITO clearly stood out with their level of professionalism. Our website is now faster than ever, and conversion rates have never been better. 1 year down the line, we still work with them on new features. I recommend NeoITO as a technology partner for businesses looking to implement digital solutions to scale up.
Adil Haneef, Director of PropertyOK
Blackbook App
Munich, Germany
Nokia was looking to build a Proof Of Concept for a headcount planning tool for their offices across the globe. The application helped our customer to see employee data per location, or per city or depending on the size of their markets. It shows data such as Ramp Up, Ramp Down, the types of employees – C Level, Management Level, Contract workers, Interns and more.
Stack: Apache Cordova, d3.js, Angular 2, Meteor
What our client says:
Johannes Merkel, Former Consultant for Nokia
Johannes Merkel, Manager at Goetzpartners and Consultant of NOKIA
  • NeoITO did a great job in delivering the promised result in a time critical implementation of a web & iPad application!
Johannes Merkel, Former Consultant for Nokia

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